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Welcome to Rubicon Comics!

Thank you for stopping by! My name is G.A. Lungaro, writer and founder of Rubicon Comics and its first title, Isidora and the Immortal Chains.

This is a story of a young woman born in Ancient Rome who was spirited away by The King in Yellow to be his herald. Now Isidora is free of her master and seeks to protect the innocent from the Old Ones, save humanity from itself, and perhaps regain her humanity along the way. I call this genre the Lovecraftian Dark Heroverse, melding ideas from the Lovecraft mythos and the amazement from superhero comics.

Issue #1 of Isidora completed a successful Kickstarter Campaign in August 2020 and Issue #2 Kickstarter Campaign ended on 7/16/21 raising nearly $6800 with 134 backers!

Our Artists

The interior artwort is penciled and Inked by Alper Geçgel with Sercan Sarikaya on colors.

Alper Geçgel is a young artist from Istanbul. He has been involved in various comic book project abroad. Other than Isidora and the Immortal Chains, he has also worked on and “Motel” by Frank Martin, and “Kısas” comics that are being published in Turkey.

Cover Art

For Issues 1 & 2 we've had a variety of talented artists doing variant covers.

Mark McKenna

Mark has been a comic book artist for 32 years, having worked for both Marvel and DC comics on the likes of The X Men and Spider Man to Batman and The Justice League. There are almost 600 comics that list his name in the credits and 12,000 pages that bear his ink lines on them.

Now he has created a stunning rendition of Isidora for Issue #2 with colors provided by Sarah Perryman.

Samantha Branch

Samantha created the very first cover for issue #1 that has always been my favorite.

Samantha is a Canadian artist and writer with a background in animation. She has experience in the industry and created and funded her own comic, "Will Not Bow" on Kickstarter.

Jay Espin

Jay is an independent comic artist currently living in Chile. He has done work for Rubicon for both Issue 1 & 2, drawing and designing both collector boxes, the Isidora and Rubicon logo designs and the line of collector cards on both campaigns. For Issue 2 he created this amazing wrap around cover.

Jay also is working with a small publisher house on the comic "COREBORNE" and a webcomic with friends called "PAULSON BRUH'S" .He also has his his own comic "AEROSOL" on Webtoons.

Mark Goldfine and Sarah Perryman

Mark and Sarah teamed up for this awesome variant cover of Issue #1, Mark on pencils and Sarah providing the stunning colors.

Mark has been an artist for 30 years and decided a few years ago to break into the comic industry.

Sarah began coloring 15 years ago. Most of her work has been private commissions and small projects like Zenescope, however she is renewing her dedication to the indie comic industry. She also provided colors for the McKenna cover on Issue 2.

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The Future

There has always been a plan to finish this inaugrial story arc of Isidora as well as the dream of a Rubicon Comics universe, the Dark Heroverse.

We have completed 2 issues and there is at least 3-4 more to finish this arc. My initial plan was to release each issue as a 24 page book with successive campaigns on Kickstarter. Life has gotten in the way as it often does.

My new plan in hopefully in the near future to launch a new campaign but instead of doing just Issue 3, completing the entire arc as print it as a complete graphic novel. I will update here and on my social when that will occur so stay tuned. Purchasing back issues here and bring in new readers helps to accomplishing this goal.